american ceramic artists & workshops

ANDERSON, Peter (1901 – 1984)
Functional and Decorative Stoneware / English language

ARNESON, Robert (1930-1992)
Ceramic sculptures – father of the ceramic Funk movement / English language
Robert Arneson’s Eggheads
Hirshhorn Museum

Wheel-thrown Ceramics / English language

BECK, Casey (Licoln, NE)
Wheel-thrown Ceramics / English language

BYRD, John (Tampa, FL)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

COHN, Bonita  (San Francisco)
Wheel-thrown “Anagama” Ceramics / English language

COOPER, Scott (Greencastle, Indiana)
Studio pottery / English language

COWAN, R. Guy  (1884-1957)
Founded the Cowan Pottery Studio in Lakewood, Ohio / English language

DUCKWORTH, Ruth  (1919-2009)
Scuptural Ceramics – Wikipedia entry / English language
Memorial video on Youtube / English language
Bellas Artes Gallery / English language

EDMONDS, Scott Bartolomei (New York City)
Anagama wood-fired ceramic vessels / English language

EIMEREN, Eric van (Helena, MT)
Wheel-thrown & Sculptural Ceramics / English language

ERICKSON, Michelle (Yorktown, Virginia)
Sculptural Ceramics – “work is based in historical reference technically and conceptually and is narrative in nature dealing with the human experience through a social, political and environmental landscape” / English language

GOLDSCHMIDT, Andy (Corrales)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

GILHOOLY, David ()
Sculptural Ceramics “A graduate of the University of California at Davis (BA, 1965 MA, 1967), he and his friends, working in TB-9 were what was later to be called, The Funk Ceramic Movement of the San Francisco Bay Area.” / English language

HACKETT, Jason (Richmond, Virginia)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

HAWKS, Stephen (Florida)
Functional ceramics / English language

HAFT-CANDELL, Julia (California)
Delicate sculptural works / English language

HATCHER, Daphne and Gary (Northeast Texas)
Pine Mills Pottery studio and gallery / English language

HERMANN, Marie (Chicago)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

HICKS, David (Visalia, California)
Sculptural vessels / English language

HOLCOMB, Wendy (Northern California)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

HSU STOUT, Margaret (Vancouver)
Wheel-thrown & Sculptural Ceramics / English language

HULL, Clement Marot (1916-1965)
Site dedicated to the work of Clement Hull / English language

HULL, Jesse
Wheel-thrown, lathed, and hand-altered ceramics. Fired in both oxidation and reduction kilns, fused with crystalline glazes, metallic lusters, and glass enamels / English language

INGLESE, Judith (Leverett, MA)
Ceramic tile murals for public spaces / English language

KNOCHE, Adam (Texas)
Ceramic vessels / English language
Clay Akar / English language

KOSCHETZKI, Fred & Laurel (West Saugerties, NY)
Wheel-thrown & Sculptural Ceramics / English language

KRAFFT, Charles (Seattle, Washington)
Specializes in Disasterware / English language

LEHMAN, Dick (Goshen, IN)
Wood-fired, saggar-fired, and side-fired clay art / English language

LICHT, Doris (Woodstock, NY)
Functional ware and sculptures / English language

MAKINS, James (New York & Tokoname, Japan)
Wheel-thrown installations
Site by Yamaoka Yasuhiro / English language

Wheel-thrown & Sculptural Ceramics / English language

MELSTROM, William (Austin, TX)
Crystalline Glazed Porcelain / English language

MERKEL HESS, Mathias (Los Angeles, California)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

Sculptural Ceramics
Frank Lloyd Gallery / English language
Matthew Marks Gallery / English language
Youtube / English language

PRACK, Mary-Ann (North Carolina)
Sculptural Ceramics and Drawings / English language

Conceptual ceramics, exploring clay as fabric / English language

Conceptual ceramics, tracing landscapes / English language

SCHWARZ, Alan (Hawai) 
Ceramic vessels and urns / English language

Hand-thrown ceramics, Teacher, Site by the Foundation 
Youtube Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait of an Artist / English language

VAN FLEET, Becca (Vermont)
Hand-thrown Wood-fired Stoneware / English language

WALKER, Jason (Bellingham, WA)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

WEDEL, Matt (Los Angles)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

WEDEL, Tim (Palisade)
Ceramic Vessels / English language

WEBB, Nathan (Vermont)
Hand-thrown Wood-fired Stoneware / English language