australian ceramic artists & workshops

Ceramic vessels – installations / English language

BLACK, Sandra (Fremantle, WA)
Cermaic vessels / Site by Gallery East Perth / English language

BLAKEBROUGH, Les (1930-2022 Hobart, Tasmania)
Cermaic vessels and research / Site by Bett Gallery Hobart / English language

BOYD, Arthur Merric (1888-1959 / Murrumbeena, Victoria)
ABC Search the database for interviews and videos / English language
Bundanon trust – The Boyd’s purchase of Bundanon in 1979 meant they had found a home for the family collection / English language

BOYD, David (1924-2011)
Sydney Morning Herald article / English language
Site by the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney

BOYD, Arthur (1920-1999)
Bundanon trust – The Boyd’s purchase of Bundanon in 1979 meant they had found a home for the family collection / English language

BYRNE, Penny (Melbourne, Victoria)
Official artist site / English language

DALY, Greg (Cowra)
Ceramic Vessels / English language

DAVIS, Paul 
Examples of his “one-off” works at Skepsi Gallery / English language

Her profile at Australian National University / English language
Article by Craft Unbound
Site by Australian Ceramics (The Australian Ceramics Association)

DERMER, John( Yackandandah, Victoria)
Salt glazed ceramic vessels / English language

DODD, Margaret (South Australia)
Sculptural Ceramic, site by the Art Gallery of South Australia / English language

DRYSDALE, Pippin (Fremantle)
Ceramic Vessels / English language

DUNKERLEY, Helen (Newcastle, NSW)
Ceramic Vessels / English language

FRASER, Simone (Sydney, NSW)
Wheel Thrown Ceramics with Handbuild Additions / English language

GUTOWSKI, Klaus (Adelaide, SA)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

GREENAWAY, Victor (Nungurner, Victoria)
Ceramic Vessels / English language

Ceramic Vessels / English language

National Gallery of Victoria exhibition in 2005-2006 / English language

HAY, Graham (Perth, Western Australia)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

IRVING, Pamela (Melbourne, Victoria)
Sculptural Ceramics and Mosaics / English language

KEIGHERY, Michael (Heidelberg, Victoria)
Techno Potter, mixed media, ceramic-based and performance art / English language

KENJI URANISHI (Brisbane, Queensland)
Sculptural Ceramics and vessels – blog by the artist / English language

KUHL JAKOBSEN , Lene (Heidelberg, Victoria)
Wheel-thrown Ceramic Vessels / English language

LISTER, Nicole (Denistone)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

MAHONEY, Katherine (Sydney)
Sculptural Ceramics and vessels / English language

MAHOOD, Marguerite
Australian Dictonary of Biography / English language
Wikepedia  / English language

MANSFIELD, Janet (1934- 2013)
Profile and gallery of this influential australian ceramic artist and founder of the
international magazine Ceramics: Art and Perception  / English language

MCALLISTER, Wyan (Newcastle, NSW)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

MCMANUS, Pip (Alice Springs)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

MOON, Milton
Ceramic Vessels / English language

Sculptural Ceramics / Site by Despard Gallery / English language
Sculptural Ceramics / Site by Beaver Gallery / English language

PEASCOD, Alan (1943 – 2007) 
Article: INfluences and dialoge by: Elizabeth Charles, Simone Fraser, John Kuczwal, Graham Oldroyd/ English language

PERCEVAL, John (1923-2000)
Ceramic Sculpture and vessels – Wikepedia Entry / English language
Site by the National Gallery of Victoria / English language

REECE, Simon (Blackheath, NSW) 
Vessel maker for utilitarian ceramics and sculptural pieces / English language

STEWART, Sue (Newcastle, NSW)
Sculptural ceramic vessels / English language

ROSSER, Arthur and Carol (Mackay)
Anagama pottery and wood fired salt-glazed vessels / English language

SECOMBE, Ted (Yarra Glen Melway)
Decorative & functional pieces – crystalline glazes / English language

SHEFFER, Avital (North-Coast, Mullumbimby)
Large ceramic vessel forms / English language

SWEN, Hiroe (Queanbeyan)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

VIPOO, Srivilasa
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

WEDD, Gerry
Blog – sculptural and functional ceramics / English language)

WHITEHAND, Dawn (Ballarat, VictoriaI)
Blog – sculptural and functional ceramics / English language