british ceramic artists & workshops

AKERMAN, Russell (Lancaster)
Hand thrown pieces / English language

BARFORD, Barnaby (London)
Unique narrative ceramic pieces / English language

BAXTER, Richard (Leigh on Sea / Essex)
Earthenware Pottery To Porcelain Vessels / English language

BEARD, Peter (Warwickshire)
Sculptural Vessels / English language

BORGONJON, Hans (Bath)
Sculptural Ceramics / English language

Sculptural Ceramics / English language

CARDEW, Michael (1901-1983)
Site by the Aberystwyth Ceramics Collection and Archive / English language
Wikipedia article / English language
Article: Nigerian Field Vol 66 Pt.2 Oct 2001 – Michael Cardew and the Abuja Potters by Liz Moloney / English language

CARTLEDGE, Kathy & Barrie (Yorkshire Dales)
Domestic Pottery Wares / English language

COPER, Hans (1920-1981)
Wikipedia entry / English language
Biography & Example of his work, site by studiopottery (commercial) / English language

COPPER, Susie(1902-1995)
Information Site / English language

DOIG, Kirsty Joanna (Scotland)
Sculptural ceramics / English language

FRY, David (Newcastle)
Wheel-thrown Reduction Fired Ceramics / English language

GEE, Tim
Highly translucent porcelain vessels / English language

HEINZ, Regina (London)
Sculptural Ceramics for interior and exterior spaces / English language

JONES, David (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire)
Raku Vessels and author of Raku – Investigations into Fire / English language

LEACH, Bernard Howell (1887 – 1979)
Site by the Aberystwyth Ceramics Collection and Archive / English language
Work examples, by “Pottery Studio” / English language

John Leach Gallery & Shop at Muchelney Pottery, eldest grandson of renowned potter Bernard Leach and son of David Leach, continues the family tradition / English language

MELLOR, Angela (Cambridgeshire)
Contemporary bone china / English language

MURRAY, Keith (1892-1981)
Wikipedia / English language

MIDDLEMISS, Jonathan (Cornwall)
Sculptural Ceramics and Vessels / English language

PERRYMAN, Jane (Hundon)
Smoke-fired Vessels / English language

RADFORD, Edward (1882-1969, Burslem)
Introduction to the handpainted pottery of Radford / English language

RIE, Lucie (1902-1995)
Site by the Aberystwyth Ceramics Collection and Archive / English language
Wikipedia entry / English language
Biography & Examples of her work, site by studiopottery (commercial) / English language

SCHWEIDLER, Grazyna (Dorset)
Hand thrown and hand built pieces / English language

SHEPHERD, Eve (Brighton)
Sculptural, figurative ceramic artist / English language

TITCOMB, Andy (North Cornwall)
Unique and limeted edition teapots since 1983 / English language