backstamps by german artists and workshops

ALKA – Alboth & Kaiser (Bavaria)
Alka, ALKA KUNST, AK, Kaiser, with crown, etc.
Official site of the company / German, French and English languages

ARZBERG (Bavaria)
T L Lion, Arzberg, PAGS in shield, PA in shield, 1898-present
Site by Porzellan Kompass / German language

ANNABURG (Saxony-Anhalt)
Eagle with AH, Glover, Crown, 1874-1990
Site by Porzellan Kompass / German language

BREMER & SCHMIDT (Eisenberg / Thuringia)
Crown with diagonal cross and B E S, Vaux Paris, etc.
Excellent site by Günther Schleu regarding the manufacture Bremer and Schmidt / German language

BUNZLAU (Bolesławiec in Poland)
BB, BEK, Teapot mark, etc.
A collectors site with images of marks and pieces / English language

CORTENDORF (Saxony-Anhalt)
C in square with abstract crown, Made in Western Germany
Site by Ceramic Signatures and Marks including Cortendorf and many more / English language

E N S with lines (windmill), with or without Germany
Porcelain company Karl Ens: founded 1899 in Volkstedt, Thuringia. / German language

PH, Lion mark, crown mark with lines, etc.

Wikipedia entry in regards to the the Frankenthaler porcelain company / German language
Examples of marks used between 1755-1799

Letter F mark in circle and crown, Bavaria, etc.

Site by Fraureuth porcelain society / German language
(PDF Cache from 2014)
Wikipedia entry: manufacturer Römer & Foedisch (Fraureuth AG) 1866 – 1926 / English language

FRIEDRICH EGER & Co. (Matinroda, Thuringia, Germany)
Crown over P over M
Company founded in 1900, good site by Porcelain Marks and More / German language

FUERSTENBERG (Fürstenberg)
Letter F, with and without crown

The Fürstenberg manufactory was founded in Fürstenberg/Weser more than 250 years ago by Duke Carl I. of Brunswick.
Official PDF of the company / German language
Site byRonnie Gustafsson / Swedish language

Shield mark, with Gerold and Tettau, etc.

Gerold (Germany, Tettau, Bavaria) Porcelain Marks. Site by JoAnn Snow. / English language

HAEL-WERKSTAETTEN (Marwitz by Velten/Brandenburg)
Circle with lines and L
Founded by Margarethe Heymann-Loebenstein in 1923
Design by / German language
Wikepedia Margarete Heyman / German language

H & C, H & Co., with and without: Crown, Selb, Bavaria, etc.
Excellent site by Porzellan Kompass / German language

HOECHST (Höchst )
Wheel mark
Part of the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach since 2023 / German language
Commercial site with many examples / English language
Wikipedia / German language

HR mark, with lion, oval, etc.
Site by / English language
Marks on 1960s and 1970s vases. Site by / English language

JAEGER (Eisenberg / Thuringia)
M.P.M, Jäger with eagle, Jäger with crown, Jäger with E, Lion with Eisenberg, etc.
Excellent site by Günther Schleu regarding the manufacture Jäger (founded by Ludwig Mehlhorn und Eduard Julius Jäger in 1870) / German language

Crown mark with AK, Alka with and without Bavaria, etc.
Good site byRonnie Gustafsson / Swedish language

KALK EISENBERG (Eisenberg / Thuringia)
Two crossed arrows
Excellent site by Günther Schleu, regarding Kalk GmbH and Steingutfabrik Geyer & Körbitz (c.1904-1976) / German language

KPM MARKS (Berlin)
Scepter (Zepter) mark (not barbwire)
Royal Porcelain Manufacture Berlin great site by ‘Auction House Bergmann’
Koenigliche Porzellan Manufactur Berlin. The Scepter mark by R. Ruthgeerts / English language
Cache PDF June 2013
KPM Berlin Porzellanmarken, excelllent site by Porzellan Kompass / German language
KPM marks on porcelain plaques by antique forum / English language

Crown mark with KPM, with and without Krister, etc.
Good site by Indischblau / German language

LAEUGER, MAX (1864-1952) Max Läuger
Square with lines, Manufacture Karlsruhe, KK in square, etc.
Important German ceramist and designer / English language
Excellent site by Jason Jacques / English language

Crown mark with C and L
Ludwigsburg was founded in 1758, a good site by Dr. Hans Dieter Flach / German language

Church mark with VB

Stoneware items manufactured by the Mettlach factory of Villeroy and Boch / English language

MEISSEN (Meissen / Saxony)
Swords mark, crossed lines, etc.
Official site of the company Marks / German language
Great site by ‘Auction House Bergmann’ / German language
Good Site by Nobelantik (Denmark) / Danish and English language
Good site by ‘’ / German language

Porzellanfabrik Plankenhammer, founded 1883, in Floss, Bavaria. Site by including examples of 1970’s pieces, mark used since 1928 / English language

REINECKE (Eisenberg / Thuringia)
E.E.E.E, cross with PMER (PRME), R.P.M. Reinicke with crown, etc.
Marks of the porcelain company Reinecke in Eisenberg, Thuringia. Excellent site by Günther Schleu / German language

Crown mark with roses, Bavaria, etc.

Official site of the company / German language
Site by Schwetzingen antiques / German language
PDF Cache 2022

SCHAUBACH (Wallendorf)
Crown mark, with Schaubachkunst, ornament, etc.
Marks by Heinz Schaubach (former Heubach) in Wallendorf. Site by Schaubachkunst / German language

S mark with two lines, KPM, or K.P.M. with lines, etc.
Great site by Porcelain Marks and More / English language

SCHUMANN (Bavaria)
Lion shield, crown mark, E&R mark etc.
Comprehensive site about Carl Schumann Porcelain Factory Arzberg, Bavaria (c. 1881-1994). Lots of images slow loading of site / English language

SCHILLER (former Fischhausel, now Hosterádky )
letter R.S. in house shape
Founded 1900 by Richard Schiller, site by PAW pottery / English language

GENERAL GERMAN Back stamp related sites

Information about Printed marks like: Foreign, Made in Germany, Made in GDR, etc. by Nancy’s Collectibales / English language

German Marks, mainly 20th century, Site by Christopher S. Marshall / English language

Database of signatures “Sections overview”, good site by ‘Auction House Bergmann’ / English language

Site by Forrest and Ginny Poston (USA, Evansville, IN) / English language